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East Coast Electronic Material Supply LLC is the distributor for this and other Dow Electronic Materials products.


Roller coated liquid photoresist

PHOTOPOSIT SN66 Liquid Photoresist, developed to address industry demands for a robust, high-yielding, fine-line, low-cost photoresist can be utilized in today's manual and automatic exposure equipment at optimum productivity levels.

Key Features
  • High yield rate @ 8 μm coating thickness
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low exposure energy of 40 mJ/cm² with Cu step 7-8
  • High resolution with 25 - 50 μm L/S
  • Wide operating window in drying and stripping process
  • Less resist residue after stripping
  • Compatible with a wide range of roller coasters

  • Applied for horizontal and vertical equipment modes
  • Much longer stackability (72 hours)
  • Resolution capability 25 micron lines and spaces
  • No tack at exposure
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acid-based etchants

Dow Electronic Materials provides a range of liquid photoresists for printed circuit board material. Liquid resist technology is used in circuit board innerlayer patterning and has the advantage of wide process latitude through exposure and develop.