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DURAPOSIT SMT 88 Electroless Nickel

Mildly acidic electroless nickel / phosphorus process

DURAPOSIT SMT 88 is an electroless nickel system specifically formulated for use in combination with Aurolectroless immersion gold baths. Duraposit SMT 88 produces a bright uniform ENIG deposit on properly prepared PWB substrates.

Key Features
  • Deposit with phosphorus content approximately 8.5 - 9.5%
  • Suitable for low and high bath loading
  • Concentrated replenishment components minimize bath growth
  • Self-adjusting pH feature
  • High MTO bath life

  • Excellent bath stability
  • Highly durable and uniform
  • Elimination of nickel corrosion
  • No skip plating
  • Compatible with electroless Pd

Electroless Nickel forms one side of the solder joint and therefore selection of the best electroless nickel is a key decision in determining the reliability of the assembled printed circuit board. DuPont Electronic Solutions has developed a range of products suitable for ENIG and ENEPIG final finishes that offer high and consistent performance with tin lead or lead free soldering processes.