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PALLAMERSE SMT 2000 Electroless Palladium

Process to coat printed circuit boards with palladium for SMT assembly applications

PALLAMERSE SMT 2000 palladium process is an improved process to coat printed circuit boards with palladium for subsequent SMT assembly applications, and is capable of autocatalytic deposition of palladium-phosphorus coatings on either copper or nickel.

Key Features
  • Autocatalytic process allows high deposit thickness to be achieved
  • Low temperature operation minimizes attack of soldermask
  • Universal finish:
  • Aluminum and gold wire bonds
  • BGA's
  • SnPb and Pb-free compatibility
  • Proven production process and bath stability
  • Excellent IMC characteristics
  • Superior solder wetting

  • Excellent solderability
  • Stable solution with wide working window
  • Consistent deposition rate
  • Durable wear resistance
  • RoHS compliant

Using electroless palladium creates a barrier layer between gold and nickel, preventing corrosion of the nickel surface during the gold deposition process. This eliminates all possibilities of solder joint issues related to "black pad" corrosion. DuPont Electronic Solutions' electroless palladium process can be used as a universal final finish when used in conjunction with electroless nickel and immersion gold processes in the ENEPIG process.