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East Coast Electronic Material Supply LLC is the distributor for this and other DuPont Electronic Solutions products.


Immersion gold process designed to produce pure gold deposits on metallic substrates

AUROLECTROLESS SMT is an immersion process designed to produce solderable, uniform fine-grained deposits of soft, pure gold on metallic substrates such as copper, nickel and palladium.

Key Features
  • Excellent solderability
  • Exhibits excellent pH stability
  • High tolerance to metallic contamination
  • Deposits are aluminum wire bondable when applied over nickel

  • Highly stable solution
  • Uniform deposits
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superior nickel protection

The immersion gold process is typically the last operation in building a printed circuit board and therefore the quality of deposit and process yield are very important. DuPont Electronic Solutions has developed immersion gold process technology that provides an easy to use, high and consistent quality solderable finish for the most demanding printed circuit designs.