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Bright acid copper finishing processes

COPPER GLEAM HT-55 acid copper is the latest in high performance DC electrolytic copper processes.

Key Features
  • High throwing power
  • Vertical Rack or VCP operation
  • DC operation
  • Exceptional surface distribution
  • Reduced plating time
  • Reduced average surface copper
  • Reduced soldermask thickness

  • Stable, bright, and ductile deposits with high leveling properties
  • High-purity deposits with excellent overplating and decorative characteristics
  • Increased reliability for meeting advanced miniaturization demands
  • Lower consumption and energy costs
  • Easy to control, economical to operate

Electrolytic Copper plating creates the conductive pathways within printed circuit boards. DuPont Electronic Solutions provides extensive options to suit user requirements, whether DC or Pulse rectification; horizontal or vertical equipment; panel or pattern plate. Processes are available to meet the needs of the thinnest or thickest boards, mixed technology HDI boards or dense chip packaging substrates.