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Bright horizontal DC copper plating

COPPER GLEAM HS-201 is a full bright acid copper plating process specifically formulated for use in conveyorized plating equipment with insoluble anode. Formulated for high current density plating, the process is capable of producing uniform, bright deposits of high ductility and tensile strength in accelerated plating times.

Key Features
  • Suitable for insoluble anodes in vertical continuous plater
  • Excellent throwing power in substrates with a high aspect ratio
  • Thermal Shock resistance exceeds MIL-P-55110E
  • Easily controlled by CVS analysis
  • Two-component additive, very stable in acid copper plating bath
  • High current density operation above 30 ASF

  • Superior plating distribution (less than 10% variation over the usable surface)
  • Deposits exhibit unsurpassed physical properties, typically >15% elongation and tensile strength of 44 kpsi, 300 N/mm²
  • Complete analytical control

Building conductors on printed circuit boards requires acid copper electrolytes and organic additives tuned to the specific requirements of the board design. DuPont Electronic Solutions provides an extensive range of processes to meet the requirements for panel or pattern plating; flex or rigid; thick or thin panels and for conformal plating or copper filling technology.