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East Coast Electronic Material Supply LLC is the distributor for this and other Dow Electronic Materials products.

LAMINAR E-9200 Series

A general purpose dry film technology for innerlayer applications

LAMINAR E9200 series dry film photoresist processes deliver consistently higher innerlayer yields, with excellent adhesion and conformance in printed circuit board material.

Key Features
  • Capable of 1-to-1 resolution
  • Excellent performance in gold plating
  • Good donut and isolated resist adhesion
  • New! 2.5 mil (63μ) and 3.0 mil (75μ) thicknesses for heavy plating and special applications

  • Consistently high yielding innerlayer film
  • Improved conformance and adhesion
  • Excellent alkaline and acid etch resistance
  • Extremely wide process window
  • Excellent resolution capability

Dow Electronic Materials provides a comprehensive range of dry film photoresists for innerlayer and outerlayer applications. Resist technology covers acid and alkali resistant products and films designed for tenting, etching and plating processes for conventional printed circuits and chip packaging technology.