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Electroless copper plating for Making Holes Conductive (MHC)

CIRCUPOSIT 7800 Series - Making Holes Conductive processes are a core competency of Dow Electronic Materials. Select from vertical or horizontal; low build or high build; direct plate or electroless copper processes to find the process that best meets your requirements.

Key Features
  • Uniform and stable adhesion promotion treatment with reliable via bottom cleaning
  • Stable and wide process window
  • High peel strength and optimum surface roughness for Resist adhesion
  • Excellent plating coverage on insulator and microvia
  • Excellent electrical reliability with high insulation resistance

  • Product flexibility and diversity, allowing for customization
  • High and low build electroless copper plating systems
  • Designed for horizontal and vertical applications
  • Patented, self-acceleration technology for unmatched reliability

When chip packaging designs demand ultra fine conductors built by Semi-Additive technology, adhesion of the conductor to the substrate is an essential result of the metallization process. The CIRCUPOSIT 7800 adhesion promotion process delivers optimum surface roughness and subsequent metal adhesion on today's chip packaging substrate materials.