East Coast Electronic Material Supply

An Introduction to East Coast Electronic Material Supply LLC

East Coast Electronic Material Supply LLC is a Distributor for Dow process materials, Hubbard Hall waste treatment chemicals, and AGFA Silver Film. East Coast Electronic Material Supply is focused on being your choice for standard and new products for volume manufacturing, as well as emerging technologies such as embedded passives, optoelectronics, advanced photo resist, metallization, adhesion promotion, and green process technologies.

Our business headquarters is located in Manchester, NH, USA, with local sales offices covering the Midwest and the East Coast. Our five warehouse facilities allow us to inventory products closer to our customer, allowing quick delivery and cost effective shipping options.

East Coast Electronic Material Supply, as a principal distributor for Dow, Hubbard Hall, and AGFA, supports over 300 customers across a variety of businesses, including Research and Development, Aerospace, Military, Photovoltaics, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing, Chemical Milling, and Advanced Packaging. Our sales and service people have decades of experience in the industries we serve, and are a valuable resource ready to answer all of your technical questions and fulfill your sales needs.